If Joidart is speaking poetically, they might say that they capture the art of Mediterranean nature in creations of minimalist and timeless design.
Joidart also likes to define themselves as a family-owned business that creates contemporary jewelry in collaboration with artists and designers. They craft their pieces very close to the Costa Brava and send them all over the world, imbued with the essence of their creators and the sea that inspires them.
The flame of Joidart sparked in 1981 with Jaume Julià's enterprising spirit and he has passed the torch onto his daughters Cristina and Mariona, who are now the company's creative director and e-commerce director, respectively. Two generations and two different moments in time, but the same fresh and unique artistic style.
 Joidart co-creates their designs in collaboration with talents from different artistic fields. Each artist brings their own subtle touch.