If you’re familiar with the Blanca Flor story, you’ll know we are a blended Mexican-American family whose business started by importing sterling silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico as wholesalers, which we still do today! In those 30 years, we’ve expanded our reach to showcase beautiful artisan pieces from designers from all over the world, which we continuously share with you!!  … but we realized we don’t share the stories behind the jewelry, which is one of our favorite parts of Blanca Flor, the travel!!

Sharing this process with you has us so excited, because not only do we look forward to sharing our travel stories around the world, searching for new artists while visiting with all the wonderful artists & friends we’ve made along the way. We are so grateful to be able to seek out and share these artists' stories with you, our customers, expressed in the form of beautiful adornments

The beauty of jewelry is one of the most universal and oldest forms of adornment and fashion, seen in all regions around the world and each with treasures with unique stories to tell. So, in addition to the stories behind the jewelry, we will also be offering travel & jewelry tips that we’ve learned along the way.

Since Mexico was where our story began that is where we’re going to take you first!!

My family and I recently returned from a week in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Though this trip had nothing to do with jewelry and all to do with relaxation and family… we wanted to share this incredible destination with you as a great way to introduce our new travel blog.

Selfishly, we wanted to keep this place a secret, but it is too special not to share. The first time I visited this breathtaking beach was 4 years ago on my honeymoon, and though you may not have heard of Zihuatanejo before, I bet you’d know if you saw it!!  In fact, you probably already HAVE!  … do you recall a certain Andy Dufresne arriving on a beautiful remote island after escaping Shawshank Prison?? YUP! That’s the one, or should we say THIS ONE!!

Zihuatanejo is the type of destination you visit when you crave the ultimate in relaxation! It’s not busy, bustling, or built-up but it does have some cravable flare, including the amazing Airbnb accommodations.

We stayed in CasaZihua, which was comprised of 5 small personal suites or 'casitas' set on a stunning beach property.  The casitas surrounded a beautiful open palapa style shared living space, where we hid from the hot sun and enjoyed many intimate dinners and happy hours. It also included an amazing pool we were in and out of all day, plus it had a nice long shelf which was perfect for our toddler. A built-in baby pool :).

The interiors of the casitas included a small living area, perfect for relaxing or a sleeping nook for families with small children, as well as its own luxurious and private outdoor shower. 

The property also boasted numerous beautiful secret spots all throughout, making it even more special.  Peaceful private beach bonfires to end the day, hammocks to quiet the mind while listening to the waves. …and did we mention the swings! Need I say more?!

In addition to the views, this Airbnb has the most amazing staff and chefs that will cook fresh fish and all types of ceviche for you during your stay. They can also arrange boat rides, snorkeling, and kayaking. Anything you need is taken care of. I am dying to go back already. I highly recommend this family-friendly Airbnb, especially for groups, our 18-month-old son and our 15-year-old nephew both had an absolute blast.


If you like quiet seclusion with amenities, this property is for you! Though only accessible by small boat, right around the corner is the beach of Las Gatas which hosts plenty of fun beach bars and restaurants, perfect for happy hour or some beachside fun. It truly is the best of both worlds - complete privacy and relaxation with the option of authentic fun only a step away.

I could talk about this amazing vacation destination all day LOL!! Alas, I still have the jewelry portion of this post to write, so if you have any questions about Zihuatanejo or this Airbnb. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Now for the jewelry portion of this post... Packing can be difficult as you try to bring the perfect outfits and accessories for every situation, but you never have enough space!!  

To help alleviate the accessories part of this dilemma, I’ve put together some tips on what styles to pack for vacation, for any ensemble, and perfect for a variety of occasions.

Try selecting a few pieces you know are comfortable and versatile.
I try to bring items that I can wear sightseeing during the day and then glam up at night for cocktails and dinner.

Silver Hoops for the WIN!
I always always (yes this warrants TWO always) bring a pair of silver hoops!! They can be casual or dressy and fit every occasion! Pair it with a large silver ring for the evenings or nightlife.

The Rule of THREE
When a bare neck is not the look you’re going for – bring a small necklace (good for daytime and outings), a Silver Collar (great for day or night), and a Larger Necklace for going out in the evenings. Pair any of these with a large silver cuff or bangle to create a look for a different  look every day of the week.

To help you inspire your packing list, I have put together a collection for you to peruse for inspiration: VACATION STYLE – Blanca Flor Silver Jewelry

Though this brings a close to our first blog post, we have so much more in store for you soon!!


  • Mexico City, my favorite city in the world (I may be partial, but it truly is worth exploring) and where a good portion of our family lives.
  • Taxco, coming this Fall
  • Plus, Bali, Thailand, Italy, and so many more jewelry capitals to come!!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in the store soon!