Born in the heart of Siberia, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Mashka inherited the region’s unique ability to balance the high sophistication of European traditions with the mystical complexity of the East. Her jewelry represents the fusion of two worlds in a vivid celebration of the pure colors and untouched beauty. Mashka Jewelry is hand-crafted in San Francisco from domestic and imported semi-precious stones and metals. With chic, feminine designs and timeless appeal, this jewelry will have a permanent place in your jewelry box.
Mashka Zelichenok began her career in jewelry after moving to New York City from Siberia almost 20 years ago. Her original plan to pursue a dream as a singer and musician changed when she discovered her passion for jewelry. Working in retail management, buying and merchandising for 12 years, Mashka eventually started making jewelry herself. When her designs amassed attention by colleagues in the industry, she set out to pursue jewelry full-time.
Nature and visual culture stimulate Mashka creatively when fabricating designs. She's captivated by elements found in Peruvian textiles, African Kubas, Japanese woodblock prints and Moorish architecture. She loves the decorative style of art nouveau because of its relationship to nature, which is prevalent in her technique. Mashka often transforms organic textures into elegant ornaments, reconstructing materials like twigs and lily pads into talismans with charm.

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